What is aboriginal diet

By | November 23, 2020

what is aboriginal diet

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Over the past 30, years, dramatic changes in climate, and hence food resources, occurred in Tasmania. Indigenous peoples successfully adapted their food resource management to cope with those changes, for example, using fire to modify the vegetation. Their plant menu included fruits such as the native cherry, native currant and kangaroo apple, and vegetables such as the native potato and native carrot. They also ate plants unfamiliar to later Tasmanians, such as honeysuckle nectar, pith from manferns, and the ‘native bread’ fungus. The fermented sap of the cider gum apparently provided a weakly alcoholic beverage, used occasionally. Two of the modern nutritionist’s recommended food groups were absent: cereal grains and milk apart from extended breast-feeding of infants. In recent years, the Palawa Aboriginal community has sought to revive the gathering and use of traditional foods. Chemical analysis has demonstrated the excellent nutritional qualities of the muttonbird, and it is likely that other traditional foods have equally desirable nutritional profiles. The Aboriginal food culture can offer valuable insights to the wider community.

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