Thyroid medication and weight loss how long

By | April 12, 2021

thyroid medication and weight loss how long

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When your thyroid is underperforming almost every part of your body becomes sluggish. So when you are told your thyroid levels are correct because you have enough thyroid medication in your body, based on your most recent lab test, it is devastating to continue to gain weight. If the thyroid medication miracle equation math fails and your weight is not normalised the first place to start is to make sure your medication matches your needs. Check out this article here for more information on what this means. Scientists have been researching if the type of hypothyroidism medication can change the weight loss result and the answer seems to be YES. To help you in your conversation with your doctor here are two recent studies on weight and thyroid medication that might be a great place to start so you can choose whether or not the medication you are taking matches your weight loss goals. Patients were randomized in this double-blind, crossover intervention Celi, et al.

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