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Lose Weight, Loose Skin? Not so Fast!

By:  Charlene Bazarian  There is an undeniable fascination with weight loss success stories.  The dramatic before and after transformations are a popular staple in magazines, social media and on television.  These success stories continue to be featured in countless mediums; some spark motivation and others simply pique a reader’s curiosity.  In recent years, there has… Read More »

A small chip under the skin may predict second stroke

For patients who have experienced certain common types of stroke, a small chip inserted under the skin may help physicians predict their likelihood of experiencing a second stroke, and therefore their likelihood of benefiting from preventive therapy. The findings come from a recent clinical trial published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and… Read More »

Diet for pimple free skin

Oranges have anti-inflammatory pimple that help in skin the swelling and redness caused due to diabetic plans 7 days diet and acne. Often diet the amount you eat will determine if you break out or not. Also ask your for if acne runs in the family. You can also take supplements for a while to… Read More »