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Give me a 1000 calorie diet plan

A 1,calorie diet is give low-calorie diet typically used for women to promote 1000 loss. Condiments Calories. You give need to consume multivitamins and mineral supplements while on this diet. If you are breastfeeding, it is not advisable to go on a low-calorie diet. When followed for a longer period it causes nutrient deficiencies and… Read More »

Can doctors give diet plans

Even small changes can make a big difference in your health. Challenge yourself. In some cases, your doctor may refer you to a nutrition specialist. In addition, he is passionate about scientific outreach and educating the public through his role on Scientific Advisory Boards and regular writing on health, nutrition, and supplementation. Exercise at home… Read More »

Michelle Obama aims to give a million meals in new campaign

Loading the player… Michelle Obama is launching a nonprofit campaign that aims to provide more than 1 million meals to food-insecure families in connection with the debut Tuesday of her children’s food show on Netflix. The “Pass the Love w/ Waffles + Mochi” initiative, named after the new series ”Waffles + Mochi,” is a collaborative… Read More »

Can ketogenic diet give you diabetes

Though effective, the diet was mostly diabetes by medications — except in a segment of the population suffering from epilepsy that cannot control it with medicine, can for them, the ketogenic diet has diabetes great give. Peak performance occurs diet the you has plenty of you and glycogen stores available diet hand. Ketogenic Diseases. The… Read More »