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Diet iced tea during fasting

Here Is The Top 6. With zero calories allowed during the fasting window, there are not many drink options out there. It makes water, coffee and tea the 3 safe intermittent fasting drinks. Before enjoying a cup of tea while fasting, there are a couple of things to answer. We looked into questions like. After… Read More »

Characteristic of vegan diets during pregnancy and lactation

Further information: Human iron metabolism, Iron supplement, and Iron deficiency. Cancer Epidemiol. Levine A. Further information: Rendering food processing. Iodine, Magnesium Vegetarian or vegan diets may result in low iodine intake because the main dietary sources of iodine are meat, fish, and dairy products, but iodine in the salt could avoid the risk of deficiency… Read More »

Low fat diet during pregnancy

Aim for unsaturated fats to make up about 25 percent of your daily calories. Find out what counts as a portion of fruit or vegetables. Try to cut down on saturated fat, and have small amounts of foods rich in unsaturated fat instead, such as vegetable oils. Abstract Research with rodents and nonhuman primates suggests… Read More »