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Post-lockdown Instagram juice diets have 5 times recommended sugar intake

Experts have warned Brits against post-lockdown juice diets loaded with up to FIVE times the recommended intake of sugar. A Sunday People investigation found diet plans promoted on Instagram in which users replace food with juice for up to 10 days, restricting themselves to as little as 430 calories a day. The four companies we… Read More »

Gluten free diets uk

Last updated. A diet in line with the ‘eatwell plate’ will provide you with all the nutrients and energy you need. Home-made chips made from fresh potatoes. This is why it is important to understand what to look out for on the label. The only treatment for the condition is a strict gluten-free diet for… Read More »

Diets to increase hdl cholesterol

Furthermore, the fact that dietary interventions to treat cardiovascular disease have, so far, been studied mostly in small clinical trials may increase physician’s skepticism regarding the effectiveness of these interventions. If opting for dark chocolate, make sure the cocoa content is at least 75 percent and stick to a 1-ounce portion. Major cardiac events judged… Read More »