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Does the keto diet cause inflammation

J Immunol. I have been to two dermatologist and each had a different solution. An additional mechanism with anti-inflammatory potential is adenosine. References 1. See for yourself with the two lists below which highlight many anti-inflammatory foods and foods that cause inflammation. Whole grains? Dig Dis Sci. Rats were tested with von Frey probes weekly… Read More »

High protein diet cause edema

Edema is swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in your body’s tissues. Although it affects all parts of the body, one of the first indications of edema is typically the presence of swollen feet. While a low protein intake may be one of the many causes of edema, consult a doctor to determine the cause… Read More »

Vegan diets cause digestive issues

Gut microbiota are crucial for adequate vitamin levels in the human body. Several microbial dietts, like L- Ruminococcus, have been linked to the intake of animal proteins and diers and have been associated with TMAO levels How mindful eating can help you vegan from iso excess. Nat Rev Issues. Current research is focusing on the… Read More »

How does a poor diet cause diabetes

This is why you can develop type 2 diabetes even if you lead a healthy lifestyle. Depending on your genes, you can develop type 2 diabetes even if you lead a healthy lifestyle. These glucose molecules then make their way into the bloodstream. The bloodstream transports glucose to the many cells in your body. In… Read More »