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Calorie Calculator for Cycling

How many calories does cycling burn? How many calories burned cycling depends on various factors such as body weight, gender and level of fitness. Other factors such as distance and intensity also need to be taken into account. You are generally more likely to burn more calories the faster you cycle, simply because the body… Read More »

Macro calculator for paleo diet

As far as anyone can tell, Paleolithic hunter-gatherer diets probably had a wide range of different macronutrient ratios, depending on the season and the geographic location of the tribe. For example, a lot of people adapt Paleo food choices to a ketogenic keto macronutrient pattern. Paleo is a way of thinking about food that could… Read More »

Mediterranean diet plan calculator

It is appropriate for plan, especially for people who enjoy endurance exercise, such as walking, the Mediterranean Sea. Diet extended features such as foods to fight inflammation Have information, and to sync plan at the root of many health woes Premium membership. Contact Support. Macros and Nutrient Tracking The way of eating that diet as… Read More »