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The Rock’s Turtleneck ’90s Meme Is Best and Easiest Halloween Costume

Amazon; Instagram @therock Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is good at everything. Sports? Check. Movies? Check. Looking like a dork in somehow the coolest way possible? Check. The Rock sent the internet aflame when he Instagrammed an old-school picture of himself looking serious as hell while wearing an extremely ’90s outfit: black turtleneck tucked into jeans,… Read More »

Best diet to lose weight for teenage men

Do teenage body exercises. Underweight children aged weight to 5 Underweight children aged 6 to Fresh fruits and vegetables Lean protein, such as chicken best, fish and beans Whole grains Low-fat dairy Healthy fats from olive for, avocado, fish, nuts and seeds. By replacing some of the starches with fat—which takes longer to digest—you’ll jen… Read More »

Why slow weight loss is best

Losing weight slowly ensures that you will not experience health problems that are associated with weight loss. I started by reducing the amount of sweets, junk foods, and processed foods I consumed while increasing fresh, whole foods. A two-year weight loss study grouped people into three categories: Slow, Moderate and Fast weight loss. While experts… Read More »