Neutropenic diet anti endorsement

Bossi, A. Antonuzzo, N. Cherny, O. Rosengarten, S. Pernot, F. Trippa, U. Schuler, A. Snegovoy, K. The ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines for diarrhoea in adult cancer patients is a comprehensive assessment of diarrhoea in oncological setting. The guidelines consider the risk of this symptom associated with several cancer-related therapies, comprising chemotherapy, targeted agents, immunotherapy, surgery… Read More »

Is coconut water good for diet

What is coconut water and what’s behind the hype? It contains more potassium mg in a cup than a banana, which is another rich source of this nutrient. Here’s The Answer. If someone enjoys the flavor of coconut water and drinking it helps them consume more fluid throughout the day, it is reasonable to include… Read More »

Citric acid cycle with low carb diet

Tom and I just finished recording our latest episode of ClimbSci which you can listen to already on SoundCloud or your favorite podcast app! I hope it helps! This is a very much simplified version of the citric acid cycle, but it gets the job done as far as this article goes. At its most… Read More »