Keto diet sleep apnea

By | September 16, 2020

keto diet sleep apnea

With each new year in America comes the wave of resolutions that have many adults promising to create healthier lifestyles for themselves. Oftentimes, they commit to a wide range of diets that are meant to improve their health and help them lose weight. One diet, in particular, has become popular in the last few years, with bookstores loading their shelves with cookbooks and healthy-lifestyle celebrities adopting the strict food regimen: the keto diet. Many participants report weight loss and high levels of energy during the day. But what does the keto diet do to your sleep? By doing this, you are putting your body in a state of ketosis, where it begins to burn fat for fuel. As with any major change to your diet, you may find changes to your sleep cycle. Often these disruptions are due to the recalibration that your system must make when a certain type of food or lack of sugar, etc. How does the keto diet affect your sleep?

Posted by Stefanie Leiter. Studies from National Institutes of Health show ketogenic diets can drastically lower blood sugar and improve insulin resistance, helping to improve diabetes and prediabetes. It can also improve heart disease including the lowering of blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. With all the health benefits, what exactly is keto? Today we are going to share the terminology, provide food options to get you started, and discover how it helps you sleep better. This is an alternative fuel source for the body, used when blood sugar glucose is in short supply. Most diets require a lot of fruits, a lot of veggies, and a lot less red meats. But on keto, the body enters ketosis by eating healthy fats; the more avocado, for example, the better. Net carbs are key in ketosis and is easy to calculate with an app like Carb Manager.

Advanced Sleep Solutions of Virginia can help you get back to bed without worries. Losing weight will help you sleep better. So, whether you choose to commit to a ketogenic diet or you find a well-managed workout routine and other diet plan works best for you, you can be sure that the weight loss will contribute to a much healthier sleep cycle. Adenosine builds up in the body throughout the day. Though some battle some issues at the beginning while adjusting electrolytes and minerals, the change to keto increases the REM cycle. Sweet Dreams, Michael J. Acknowledgements The authors wish to thank Drs. In contrast, continuous positive airway pressure CPAP —the standard treatment for OSA—may actually increase the body weight of patients [ 5 ]. The keto diet can also help you fall into a deeper sleep. But keep this in mind also: losing weight at the expense of a sound, consistent sleep routine is not a smart strategy. But there are also diet and lifestyle changes that can help in addition to the machines.

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