Detox diet for 14 days

By | April 6, 2021

detox diet for 14 days

But while the thought of rapid weight loss and ridding your body of circulating toxins seems magical and healing, fact is you may be doing more harm than good. Society has done a great job of convincing us that we are walking toxic dumps — our systems replete with scary elements from non-organic foods, environmental pollution, artificial additives and sundry chemical compounds. These undesirable toxins wreak havoc on our health, bodyweight and energy levels, and the only definitive solution for expelling them is a cleanse. Meh — not so much. True, a cleanse may help some people feel better initially — especially if their diet was filled with processed, high-calorie foods — and some people may experience a rapid drop in scale weight, but both these benefits are temporary. Most cleanses or detox diets essentially starve your body of the essential nutrients and calories it needs, eliminating nearly all food groups and relegating you to handfuls of supplements, oddball drinks, laxative teas or even enemas. But no matter who you are, after a few days of severe calorie restriction, your energy will tank and fatigue will set in. Fortunately, these kinds of cleanses are an unnecessary experience because you were born with two corporeal cleansing tools — your liver and your kidneys.

Your gut is the basis of your health. Image: iStock. A nutritionist explains exactly what to eat, and avoid, for optimal gut health. My opinion as a qualified, practising nutritionist is that, when done right, a gut cleanse is an essential step towards optimal gut health. Poor gut health is now thought to be strongly linked to a compromised immune system, malnutrition and poor mood regulation, and plays a role in arthritis and obesity, according to a recent review of scientific literature published in the journal BMC Medicine. A gut cleanse is a necessary step in repairing a poor gut. Think of the gut like a car.

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Tips and Articles. This is a SENSIBLE 14 day detox plan that I share with my clients if they are low in energy levels, feeling a little down or depressed or if they want to kick start a weight loss plan. This detox plan focuses on healthy nutritious eating, getting adequate portions of protein and vegetables and quite simply cutting out sugar. This can lead to weight gain. Also the excess sugar will send your blood sugar levels soaring, initially leading to an energy boost but then what goes must come down and eventually you are left with a tired lethargic slump. Then you guessed it, you will need to refuel with more sugar to keep you going! Is that mid afternoon slump familiar to anyone? Anyway give this program a go and let me know what you think… Please note — you are still allowed small amounts of dry wine, tea and coffee but obviously in moderation!!

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