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Remote Monitoring for Peritoneal Dialysis: Interview with Aly ElBadry, CEO of CloudCath

CloudCath, a medtech company based in San Francisco, has created the CloudCath system, a remote monitoring technology that provides clinicians with data on the spent dialysate fluid of at-home peritoneal dialysis patients. CloudCath is incorporated into the drain line of peritoneal dialysis systems, and wirelessly transmits data to the cloud, with proprietary algorithms then highlighting… Read More »

Journalists’ Topics Range From Rural Pharmacy Deserts to Opioid Overdoses

KHN senior Colorado correspondent Markian Hawryluk discussed how a rural Colorado town is crowdsourcing ways to get prescription medicines delivered on KUNC’s “Colorado Edition” on Monday. KHN Editor-in-Chief Elisabeth Rosenthal discussed how medical education changed during the pandemic on NPR’s “Here and Now” on Tuesday. KHN freelancer Amy Worden chatted about high vaccine hesitancy among… Read More »

US judge blocks new applications to DACA program for ‘dreamer’ immigrants

US District Judge Andrew Hanen sided with a group of states suing to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, arguing it was illegally created by former President Barack Obama in 2012. Hanen found the program violated the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) when it was created but said that since there were so… Read More »

Pfizer antes up $345M to settle long-running EpiPen antitrust claims as Viatris case moves ahead

After four years of “vigorous litigation,” Pfizer is paying up to settle antitrust allegations over its partnership on the epinephrine injection EpiPen. Pfizer and two of its subsidiaries, Meridian Medical Technologies and King Pharmaceuticals, have agreed to fork over $ 345 million to settle years of antitrust litigation surrounding the pricey anaphylaxis injectable EpiPen. Mylan, now known as… Read More »