Ballerina diet and workout plan

By | July 10, 2020

ballerina diet and workout plan

Curious how ballerinas maintain their famously svelte figures? We asked three to share their grueling daily dance routines, as well as what they eat to keep their energy up without bulking up throughout each long day. These athletes work hard and eat super healthy no surprise there. See what a day in the life of a pro ballerina is like I always start the day with a large glass of water and my vitamins including fish oil, turmeric, and vitamin D. Breakfast is a bowl of Greek yogurt sweetened with honey and topped with organic berries and homemade granola. I also love starting the day with a warm beverage—usually an almond milk matcha tea latte or a cappuccino. I arrive at the studio about an hour before company class begins to roll out my back and legs, stretch, do some light Pilates, and Theraband my feet. Just spending some quiet time in the morning helps prepare me optimally for a good day of rehearsal. Our hour-and-a-half company class warms our bodies up for the day, but it also gives me a chance to technically keep improving outside of choreography.

Dinner during the week is usually simple: a salad loaded with veggies and two fried eggs over easy, accompanied by either hearty whole-grain bread and cheese or Nut Thins and hummus. Does the profession require serious dedication and discipline? I always start the day with a large glass of water and my vitamins including fish oil, turmeric, and vitamin D. Grilled salmon, roasted onions, carrots, butternut squash seasoned with rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper. A huge thank you to all the people who helped make it possible. So excited to reveal that my new line of dancewear egaldance is coming soon! Mid-morning snack: protein smoothie. Related Stories.

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There’s a reason why she’s a face of Under Armour. Now, she’s letting everyone in on how she gets her famous physique in Ballerina Body, her highly-anticipated fitness and nutrition guide, out today. She also includes a wealth of practical tips and a day meal plan with day-by-day menus and grocery lists. Also in the book—Misty’s tips for meditation, visualizations, and a workout routine that offers floor moves that mimic barre exercises, stretching, posture-improving exercises, and actual moves from ballet. Here, we break down what she calls her “perfect day” of meals and the best tips we’ve learned from the book. Muffin or bagel slathered with scallion cream cheese and iced coffee. One of the biggest takeaways from Misty’s book is that you should not shy away from fat—in fact she has an entire chapter titled “The Magic of Fat.

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